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Chestnut Branch Park

401 Main Street

Chestnut Branch Park Mantua TownshipNamed for the Chestnut Branch of the Mantua Creek, Chestnut Branch Park is more than 109 acres and includes athletic fields and facilities and two wooded areas of rolling hills with scenic trails and diverse wildlife. Along the edge of the fields, there are some wetlands that attract grassland birds as well as woodland species. A paved path circles the athletic fields, and bicyclists and walkers make use of this pathway.  Follow the path to the right from the parking lot to get to the Butterfly Garden. The best time for viewing is mid day in the summer. Continue on the path and you arrive at the 9/11 Memorial Place of Reflection with benches within a landscaped grove. This park has tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball court, playground, picnic tables and a pavilion.

The pavilion can be reserved for family reunions, birthday parties, etc. by calling the Township Office at 856-468-1500 x110.

Ceres Park

940 Main Street

Ceres ParkCeres Park is a beautiful landscape of natural growth, hosting a thriving community of animal life that includes mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and many bird species. With an extensive trail system through upland and wetland forests, the preserve can seem much bigger than 52 acres. From the parking lot, a mile-long path through the forest is criss-crossed by many less-defined trails. The trails lead through a diverse selection of plant life to beautiful views of Emerald and Cedar Lakes. These lakes were historically “marl pits,” formed during a mining operation that existed here through the 1800s and early 1900s. Marl is a nutrient-rich marine deposit that was used as fertilizer and gave towns like “Marlton” and “Marlboro” their names. Walking/jogging/biking trails lead to the Chestnut Branch of Mantua Creek and through adjacent county-owned lands, allowing visitors to explore beyond the boundaries of the park.

McCarson Park

Mantua Boulevard and Mercer Street

mccarson park

This quaint neighborhood park formerly known as Sewell Playground is located on Mantua Boulevard in the Sewell section of town. It was renamed in 2016 and dedicated as the new Trooper Eli McCarson Memorial Park in honor our hometown hero, Eli McCarson, who was tragically killed in the line of duty while serving the residents of the State of New Jersey.

There is a small playground on site with picnic tables and basketball court adjacent to the playground area. The park is a beautiful place for reflection.

Tall Pines State Preserve

Bark bridge Rd and Indian Trail

Tall Pines Park Sign in Mantua TownshipThe preserve is located in southern New Jersey, USA approximately 12 miles south of the city of Philadelphia. In 2015 Tall Pines became Gloucester County’s first state-owned park.

Once a popular golf course, Tall Pines is 110 acres of grasslands, woodlands, small ponds and freshwater wetlands in Deptford and Mantua Townships, just south of the Borough of Wenonah. Mantua Creek flows through its center. The preserve is home to an unusually rich and diverse number of bird species.

The asphalt golf cart paths remain in place and are handicapped-accessible. Tall Pines is a great place for people to hike, jog, bird watch, cycle and experience the beauty of nature.

For more information visit http://friendsoftallpinespreserve.org/