Regional Municipal Court

Contact Information

Court Administrator: Sarah Powell & Carla Rios
Deputy Court Administrators: Joei Abrams, Patty Gordon and Paula Brown

Judge: Kelly Conroy
Prosecutor: Brian Turner, Esquire
Public Defender: Gregory DeMichele, Esquire

Phone: (856) 468-3078
Fax: (856) 468-3823

Court Sessions:

In person court sessions are held at 405 Main St, Mantua NJ 08051. The court room is located inside the Police Building.

Every Monday and Thursday at 9:00 A.M.

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Payments and Drop Box:?

There is a drop box located outside the front of the building as another way of making payments after regular business hours.


Public Defender Form

Citizen Complaint Information Form

Confidential Domestic Violence Complaint Information Form

Certification in Support of Probable Cause

Records Request Form


Mantua Joint Municipal Court 397 Main Street Mantua, NJ 08051 The building is located adjacent to the Municipal Building.

Department Overview

The Mantua Joint Municipal Court has jurisdiction over offenses that occur within the Townships of Mantua, West Deptford and Harrison as well as the Boroughs of Pitman, Wenonah, Woodbury Heights and National Park. Cases heard in Municipal Court include traffic violations, minor criminal offenses, and Ordinances enacted in Mantua Township, Pitman, Wenonah, Woodbury Heights, West Deptford, National Park and Harrison.


  • How does a defendant obtain a public defender?

    You must appear on your scheduled court date to apply for the public defender. Public defenders are assigned to indigent defendants. You must complete an application that is reviewed by the Judge. A non-refundable application fee from $50 ? $200 may be imposed.

  • Who is entitled to be represented by the public defender?

    The public defender is assigned only when the pending charge carries a penalty of jail, suspension of driving privileges or a substantial fine and only if the judge determines that the defendant cannot afford to retain an attorney.

  • How may I pay my fine?

    Payments may be made by check, cash, money order, in person or through the mail. If a court appearance is not required, you may pay your fine by Visa or MasterCard at A small fee is charged.

  • How do I request a postponement of my case?

    You must appear before the judge to request your postponement.

  • Am I required to appear in court?

    A court appearance is always required in most criminal matters. In traffic matters, if ?court appearance required? is checked on the ticket, you must appear. If ?court appearance required? is not checked you must still appear in court if:

    • You wish to plead not guilty and want a trial.
    • The charge is not listed on the Statewide Violations Schedule.
    • The ticket was issued as a result of an accident with personal injury.
  • How do I find out if the charge is listed on the Statewide Violations Schedule?

    The most common motor vehicle violations are listed on the back of the ticket. If you do not see a particular charge, call the court office. Please have the summons number available.

  • How many points will be imposed?

    The municipal court does not impose points. Points are assessed by NJ Motor Vehicle Commission. Call NJMVC for questions about points and surcharges. You can reach the NJMVC by calling (856) 292-6500. The Suspensions and Restoration number remains unchanged, (609) 292-7500.