Zoning Department


Municipal Building
401 Main Street
Mantua, NJ 08051

Location is located on the side entrance of the Municipal Building

Department Overview

The purpose of zoning is to ensure that any proposed use, construction, or alteration is allowed in the zone and will be located within the required setbacks from the property lines as required by the Mantua Township Code. This code regulates the setbacks and permitting process for principal structures, additions, decks, gazebos, pools, hot tubs, sheds, basketball courts, patios, fencing, and all other accessory uses and structures. The code protects the integrity of the entire township.

The Township of Mantua provides Zoning and Code Enforcement services for the Borough of Wenonah under a shared service agreement.

Residential Zoning

Any resident contemplating any change or addition to his/her property or home should contact the Zoning Office at (856) 468-1323 or Land Use Office at (856) 468-1500 x135 for information on general regulations in their zoning district. By obtaining the required permits, violations will be avoided. If you are selling your home, the presence of a violation can delay your settlement. If you cannot meet the zoning requirements, it is possible to obtain a variance.

Improvements, both new and replacements, such as fences, pools, decks, sheds, additions, driveways, etc., require a zoning permit and may also require a construction permit. Construction permits may not be issued until zoning approval is received. A zoning permit is required before you change the use or occupancy of a building.

Please note, all Zoning Permits for additions, swimming pools, garages, and sheds must be accompanied by the Grading Compliance Certification form.

Business Zoning

Before applying for a zoning permit, please have the following information:

  • A survey of the property showing all parking
  • An application describing your business and the square footage you will be occupying on the property as well as the type of business and square footage of the other building occupants, if applicable
  • Block and lot of the property

When reviewing these applications, the zoning officer must determine whether or not the type of business you wish to open is permitted in the location in which you plan to operate. In addition to determining the acceptability of the type of business, the township must determine the suitability of the site to support your business. In most cases, this simply involves making sure there is enough on-site parking.

All signs require a zoning permit.