Youth Leadership Program

The Youth Leadership Safety Program was developed by the New Jersey State Police, who have devoted considerable time and effort in providing the citizens of our state, both children and adults, information on the extreme importance of understanding the factors relating to the subject of safety.  It is an elementary through middle school curriculum consisting of fourteen lessons which focus on safety awareness and the development of social competence, communication skills, respect, responsibilities and decision-making skills. Lessons include topics such as Bullying, Internet Safety, Health & Nutrition, Safe Boating & Water Safety and Conflict Resolution. This course is recognized and sponsored in part by the New Jersey Association of School Resource Officers (NJASRO).

The New Jersey State Police has coordinated this initiative with several law enforcement agencies, the State Department of Education, the New Jersey Association of School resource Officers, the New Jersey Citizen Corps, school administrators, principals, teachers, parent teacher associations, and private corporations.

This Safety Program is a collaborative effort designed to offer an educational safety awareness curriculum in the classroom as a means to recognize and prevent natural and created pressures that may harm or influence our children.  The program delivers preventative measures to heighten those protective components with a specific emphasis on family, school, and community bonding strategies.  These strategies focus on the development of social competence, communication skills, respect, responsibilities, decision making, conflict resolution, a sense of purpose, and selective positive alternatives.

Safety is a lifetime process that neither begins nor ends.  It is a cooperative effort involving schools, communities, and our families.  The Mantua Township Police, along with our law enforcement partners, will provide students opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills concerning transportation, law, social norms, and acceptable behavioral practices, along with adverse peer pressure resistance techniques.  The program displays a philosophy that promotes a hands-on learning environment with positive interaction, and is encompassed with a central theme of respect and responsibility.  We are confident that this curriculum will stimulate intellectual inquiries, further an understanding of self and others, and encourage physical well-being.

If there are any questions concerning this program, please call Lieutenant Jeff Ferry at 856.468.1920 ext. 1529 or email him at