The Firearms ID card is needed to purchase any and all firearms and supplies in New Jersey. In addition, a Firearms Permit is required to purchase a handgun.

  • New Applicant instructions and forms required

    Complete the Firearms Application indicating that you are applying for a Firearms ID card and/or Firearms Permit. The cost of the ID card is $5.00, and each handgun permit is $2.00. One permit is needed for each handgun that you wish to purchase. Per New Jersey law, one handgun permit can be used per month. Handgun permits expire after 90 days from the issue date, but can be extended for an additional 90 days. You will also be required to complete a mental health records search. Your address for the last ten years is required to complete this search.

    When these forms are submitted, your information will be entered into our computer, assigned a contact number with our department, and given another form to get fingerprinted with MorphoTrak. The fee for this is $52.69 and paid directly to MorphoTrak. Once fingerprinting is complete, please return to the Police Department.

    After processing is completed, you will be notified that your request has been completed or denied.

    Firearms Application Mental Health Records Search
  • Forms required to apply for Handgun Permits and you already possess a Firearms ID Card

    Complete the application indicating the number of permits that you are requesting and the mental health records search.  One permit per handgun, $2.00 CASH per permit.

    Firearms Application Mental Health Records Search Criminal History Record Request
  • Request for Criminal History (Internet Users)

    -Access Criminal History Record Request

    -Enter ORI for Mantua Township Police – NJ0081000

    -Select the “Continue” option, complete all demographic information.  For background, type NJS 2C:58-3

    -You will be asked to enter your SBI#.  This can be found on your Firearms ID Card

    -The fee for this process is $20.00 to be paid at the time of submission

    If the internet is not available, you will be required to complete a Request for Criminal History SBI0212 form.  The fee for this is $20.00, and MUST be paid by CERTIFIED CHECK or MONEY ORDER, made payable to NJSP-SBI.  The State Police will not accept cash or a personal check.

  • Firearms ID Card Change of Address or Status, and the forms required

    Your name and address on your Firearms ID card and Drivers License must always correspond; therefore, any changes made to your Driver’s License must also be corrected on your Firearms ID Card.  For this, you must apply for a Duplicate Firearms ID Card with the corrected information.  There is no charge for a Duplicate ID Card, however the fee for the Criminal History does apply.  See above instructions for Criminal History Check.  You may also apply for Firearms Permits at this time.  The $2.00 fee for each permit would also still apply.

    Firearms Application Mental Health Records Search Criminal History Record Request