Redevelopment Mission Statement

New Jersey’s Local Redevelopment and Housing Law (LRHL), empowers municipalities and local governments with the ability to initiate a process that transforms underutilized or poorly designed properties into healthier, more vibrant, or economically productive land uses.  Redevelopment in this manner is no longer reserved solely for blighted, urban areas.  The process has been used successfully across the state to creatively improve properties meeting specific redevelopment criteria.  Projects approved for redevelopment are often eligible for certain types of technical and financial assistance from the state and federal agencies.

MantuaTownship, in cooperation with the Gloucester County Economic Development Redevelopment Program, Mantua Township Land Use Board, Mantua Township Economic Development Committee and Mantua Township Economic Development Office’s mission is to identify sites as opportunities for redevelopment in accordance with the provisions of the LRHL.

Redevelopment Objectives Consistent with Master Plan Goals and Objectives: The Township’s master plan is the preeminent planning policy source for guidance as to the future arrangement of lands and uses of land within the township. Under redevelopment law, a redevelopment plan is to be substantially consistent with the master plan or designed to effectuate the master plan.