Affordable Housing Listing

Below are our website marketing tools that identify the listings of affordable housing deed restricted properties for RE-SALE in Mantua Township, NJ.  Interested persons looking to acquire a property may contact the Mantua Township Clerk’s Office located at the Township Building on 401 Main Street, Mantua, NJ 08051 (Phone 856-468-1500 Ext. 110) to submit the Initial Inquiry of Interest Application to achieve the first step in getting certified to purchase an affordable housing property in Mantua.

For your convenience a copy of the Initial Inquiry of Interest Application for the (first step) pre-qualification process is available below. The NJ COAH Affordable Regional Income Limits Chart is also provided below to allow you to see income ranges for Gloucester County/Region 5 Maximum Income Eligibility Limits for Mantua Township applicants. When the Township’s Administrative Agent has completed the pre-qualification process this representative will work directly with you on the next steps in your journey to acquire an affordable housing property.

Initial Inquiry of Interest Application Form – Mantua 1-15-15

2017 Income Limit Chart

Note: You may also visit the NJ Housing Resource Center property listings database where participating owners have provided the Township with additional property details and photos of their for sale affordable housing units in Mantua Township.

Note: The Mantua Township Bulletin Board located in the Mantua Township Clerk’s Office will also have updated postings of the FOR SALE affordable housing property listings.

Note: The NJ Housing Resource Center also provides contact information/unit information on locations that offer affordable housing units for RENT. You will complete the income qualification process to rent an affordable housing unit directly with the rental complex management representatives listed in the database. 




1052 Tristram Cir
1br/moderate $55,000 $1,176yr/$98m $2,045.38
1260 Tristram Cir
1 br/moderate $59,900 $1,176yr/$98m $2,738.89
1423 Tristram Cir 1 br/moderate $87,500 $1,176yr/$98m $2,886.63
1362 Tristram Cir 1 br/moderate $87,994 $1,176yr/$98m $2,863.53
*219 Tony Circle 2br/moderate $56,574 $418 n/a

*This is an age restricted (55 years or older) affordable housing mobile home unit.