Current Projects

  • Inversand Project – 625 Woodbury-Glassboro Road – New “Rowan Fossil Quarry”
    Mantua Township and its Economic Development Team have been working with Dr. Ken Lacovara and Rowan University to have Rowan acquire the Inversand redevelopment site to create a World Class Fossil Park and K to Grey STEM Education Center at this project site. We are pleased to announce that as of January 15, 2016 Rowan University has acquired this property and is working with Mantua Township in a community partnership shared services effort to continue to hold fossil events at the Rowan Fossil Quarry. Rowan University will continue to work with Mantua Township’s Economic Development Team to redevelop this fossil park project site. Please enjoy the links below where you can learn more information about this project site and our collective efforts and announcements to date.

Vision for WELCOME CENTER Draft Concept Photo

media summary links 2-18-16


TED2016 “DREAM” EVENT – DR. LACOVARA SPEAKS AT VANCOUVER CONVENTION CENTER IN VANCOUVER, CANADA – Dr. Kenneth Lacovara spoke on February 16, 2016. Release date of video from Dr. Lacovara’s presentation at the TED2016 Event has not yet been released. Below is link and summary from his presentation.

Exciting Links Below – TED2016:

NY TIMES ARTICLE FROM 1-5-2016 – Kenneth Chang, reporter for the NY Times, does an amazing job capturing the excitement of the fossil park project and the amazement of guests that attended our events. Once this article hit our office was flooded with hundreds of requests to participate, attend and volunteer at these fossil events. This article hit tons of connection news outlets as well across the country!

NY Time Article Link:


Below is a few of the media links if you want to explore some of the press coverage on the exciting announcements about Rowan purchasing site the week of the community dig.  The Associated Press coverage landed in media throughout the nation as far as the San Francisco Chronicle! The links below reflect the local coverage:

2015 Newletter Piece On Fossil Park Exciting Announcements

Rowan buying South Jersey’s own Jurassic World site

Philadelphia Inquirer-9/23/15

Rowan University is purchasing a 65-acre quarry a few miles from its Glassboro campus, with plans to turn it into a full-time public fossil park, where busloads of schoolchildren could dig up vertebrae, teeth, and other remnants of prehistoric creatures

Rowan buying quarry for dinosaur research

Associated Press-9/23/15

Rowan University’s latest expansion is creating an opportunity to examine the distant past as well as look to the school’s future.


Rowan University announces plans to purchase Mantua Twp. Fossil Quarry

SNJ Today-9/23/15




Rowan to buy South Jersey fossil pit that may hold questions to age-old questions

WHYY Newsworks-9/23/15

Paleontologist Kenneth Lacovara, who’s been working at the quarry for 13 years, has found tantalizing but preliminary evidence that the animals preserved there may have perished in the same mass die-off that killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.


Rowan University is creating a 65-acre classroom full of fossils

Press of Atlantic City-9/23/15

Ken Lacovara is getting a new $1.95 million 65-acre classroom full of fossils and he can’t wait to have every student in South Jersey come visit it.–acre-classroom-full-of/article_05634568-6214-11e5-a0c2-c70cdb410e28.html

Note:  To view more information about this exciting fossil park project please visit the main homepage under Open for Business, click Events, click Post Event Highlights.


    • Old Struthers Dunn Site – 568 Lambs Road
      Demolition of all remaining structures completed August 2013.  Over $1,180,791 in leverage resources used to meet this amazing goal of the Township. Click below to view photo gallery.

Struthers Dunn-A Small Piece Of Our Journey-BEFORE photos

Destiny of Demolition – PHOTOS 1

Destiny of Demolition – PHOTOS 2

Destiny of Demolition – PHOTOS 3

Destiny of Demolition – PHOTOS 4

Struthers Dunn Journey Coming To An End – PHOTOS 1

Struthers Dunn Journey Coming To An End – PHOTOS 2

Struthers Dunn-A Small Piece Of Our Journey-NOW photo


Past Projects – Completed

    • Old Hausman Bus Site – 1070 Main Street
      White Oaks @ Mantua housing project at this redevelopment project site.  Click below to view photo gallery. 

Old Hausman Bus-BEFORE photo

Old Hausman Bus-DURING DEMO photo

White Oak At Mantua-UNDER CONSTRUCTION photo

White Oak At Mantua-NOW photo 11-14-13

  • Total Turf Experience Sports Arena – 614 Lambs Road
    July 2015 TTE celebrated their 3 year anniversary! Click below to view the TTE Photo Project Gallery.


TTE Project Photos