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DECEMBER 1, 2015



5353-Pre-ribbon cutting

Mantua Township Officials and Gloucester County Officials Show Their Support at the Synergixx Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Dignitaries and distinguished representatives of Mantua Township and Gloucester County, NJ, participated in the ribbon cutting of the new, 18,000 square foot Sewell office space of Synergixx, LLC with the firm’s CEO and EVP, Operations. From left, primed to cut the ribbon are: Michelle Bruner, Mantua Township Economic Coordinator; Tom Bianco, Director Business & Economic Development for Gloucester County; Heather Simmons, Gloucester County Freeholder; Robert Zimmerman, Mantua Township Committeeman; Howard W. Bruner, Mantua Township Chairman of the Economic Development Committee; Charlie Fusco, Synergixx CEO; Jenn Nading Synergixx Executive Vice-President, Operations; Sharon Lawrence, Mantua Township Deputy Mayor, and Pete Scirrotto, Mantua Township Mayor.

Mantua, NJ – December 1, 2015– On December 1, over 100 guests, including seven local dignitaries and distinguished representatives of Mantua Township and Gloucester County, attended the official ribbon cutting celebration for the expanded new 18,000 square foot office space and website ( of Synergixx, LLC at 591 Mantua Blvd., Suite 100 in Sewell, NJ. The attendee traveling the furthest arrived from Cary, North Carolina.

The Synergixx move enabled the $22 million dollar, national direct response marketing firm, founded in 2001, to more than double its space, from its former 8,000 square foot facility at 433 Woodbury Glassboro Road in Sewell. The expansion of the firm allows more space for in-house TV and radio production studios, added room for the 24/7 inbound and customer service centers (for which Synergixx frequently hires local candidates) as well as room to expand the entire media and marketing operation.

Attendees enjoyed an interactive seminar on How to Maximize Your 2016 Revenue Streams, by national marketing thought-leader Charlie Fusco, who is the CEO of Synergixx, and a recent recipient of a South Jersey Biz Magazine Executive of the Year award. The evening additionally included celebratory champagne and other refreshments, with business networking, complimentary headshot photos, and facility tours.
Photo-Post-Ribbon Cutting


Photo Above: Celebrating after the official ribbon is cut, at the new, expanded Synergixx office space in Sewell. From left: Michelle Bruner, Mantua Township Economic Coordinator; Tom Bianco, Gloucester County Director Business & Economic Development; Heather Simmons, Gloucester County Freeholder; Robert Zimmerman, Mantua Township Committeeman; Howard W. Bruner, Mantua Township Chairman of the Economic Development Committee; Charlie Fusco, Synergixx CEO; Jenn Nading Synergixx Executive Vice President, Operations; Sharon Lawrence, Mantua Township Deputy Mayor and Pete Scirrotto, Mantua Township Mayor.

Photo Below: Charlie Fusco and Mayor Scirrotto

5366 CharlieFusco & Mayor Scirrotto

Charlie Fusco, CEO Synergixx LLC, Sewell, with Pete Scirrotto, Mantua Township Mayor


Photo Below-Matt Ribaudo & Danielle DiGiacomo

5376 Matt Ribaudo & Danielle DiGiacomo

Matt Ribaudo, Executive Vice President iMedia/New Business, Synergixx, Sewell, and Danielle DiGiacomo, Wells Fargo Branch Manager, Sewell



4th Annual Mantua Township Community Fossil Dig Day Event – Saturday, September 26, 2015:

Photo Flyer-4th Annual Community Fossil Dig Day Event 9-26-2015

2015 Newletter Piece On Fossil Park Exciting Announcements

Mantua Township and its Economic Development Team have worked with Dr. Lacovara and the Inversand Company on this project site for several years.  The Township’s Economic Development Team, the Gloucester County Economic Development Team and many local, state and federal leveraged resources partners assisted us during our mission to get the science of this site protected and to save the educational components of this fossil resource site for the students, adults and for the community not only in our region but in the world.  During this year’s event at the Inversand project site we announced some great news that Rowan will be acquiring the property. We are excited to continue our efforts to open this site up for community digs and school tours while we work with Rowan University to build on the educational foundation we have built with Dr. Lacovara and our Fossil Team. See below updates and alerts that are very important:


  1. Thanks to everyone who volunteered, supported, sponsored and attended this year’s 4th Annual Community Dig Day Event. What a great day to host over 1,500 guests that were in attendance from around the United States. Announcing the great news during the event that Rowan University has taken the lead to purchase this project site was exciting along with the many standing ovations they received during this announcement and throughout the day.


  1. We had so many thank you notes and compliments on this year’s event! Dr. Lacovara, myself, our volunteers and the fossil safety team members worked really hard to make this day just right and we are so pleased you enjoyed yourselves. Imagine now what we can do with Rowan taking the lead and utilizing the universities resources to make this a global educational sight everyone will be talking about for generations to come!!


  1. Thank you!! We raised $8,558 at this year’s event for the Mantua Twp. Fossil Fund.


  1. T-SHIRTS: In hot demand at this year’s event! Great for holiday gift ideas and birthday surprises. I will send an email blast out shortly with details regarding the open sale date and location to purchase these t-shirts.


  1. The new website created for the Rowan University Fossil Quarry announcement exploded with responses from hundreds of new fossil friends wanting to attend an event and get involved after this year’s community dig day event.


  1. You have all asked and the answer is YES. When Rowan acquires the property on or before January 4, 2016 the Community Fossil Dig Day Events and school tours will still be held. We start preparations for next year’s community dig and other school tour fossil events for Spring 2016 season shortly. Mantua Township and my office will continue to be a partner in the success of this project. Keep a look out for our Fossil Alerts.


  1. For all of the waiting list guests (over 1,500) for this 2015 event-we are so sorry you were not able to attend and I do understand your disappointment. A gentle reminder that there is no waiting list in place for 2016’s community dig day event. Your reservation was for the 2015 event only.  More information about when the invitations for the 5th Annual Community Fossil Dig Day Event will become available closer to the event date. With Rowan University’s resources in place in the 2016 new year we are excited to improve the reservation process and in the long term work with them to open the site up for additional events to accommodate such an amazing request list. But we are in a transition phase and thank you in advance for your kindness and understanding.  Dr. Lacovara and I will keep doing what we have been doing with our fossil team and will provide you updates along the way for future events and fossil updates too. We encourage everyone to keep updated on our progress with Rowan as we transition this site into their educational hands by visiting the links below. All new guests not in the email distribution list already will be included into my master list within the next few weeks so you will automatically start getting our alerts and future invitations more often.


  1. Below is a few of the media links if you want to explore some of the press coverage on the exciting announcements about Rowan purchasing the site during a press event held on September 23, 2015, the week of the community dig.  The Associated Press coverage landed in media throughout the nation as far as the San Francisco Chronicle! The links below reflect the local coverage:


Rowan buying South Jersey’s own Jurassic World site

Philadelphia Inquirer-9/23/15

Rowan University is purchasing a 65-acre quarry a few miles from its Glassboro campus, with plans to turn it into a full-time public fossil park, where busloads of schoolchildren could dig up vertebrae, teeth, and other remnants of prehistoric creatures



Rowan buying quarry for dinosaur research

Associated Press-9/23/15

Rowan University’s latest expansion is creating an opportunity to examine the distant past as well as look to the school’s future.



Rowan University announces plans to purchase Mantua Twp. Fossil Quarry

SNJ Today-9/23/15




Rowan to buy South Jersey fossil pit that may hold questions to age-old questions

WHYY Newsworks-9/23/15

Paleontologist Kenneth Lacovara, who’s been working at the quarry for 13 years, has found tantalizing but preliminary evidence that the animals preserved there may have perished in the same mass die-off that killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

dinosaur answers


Rowan University is creating a 65-acre classroom full of fossils

Press of Atlantic City-9/23/15

Ken Lacovara is getting a new $1.95 million 65-acre classroom full of fossils and he can’t wait to have every student in South Jersey come visit it.





Michelle Bruner

Mantua Township Economic Development Coordinator

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Mantua, NJ 08051

Office: 856-468-1500 Ext. 122

Fax: 856-464-1022


Mantua Township Website: (click Open for Business)

Mantua Township Facebook Page:

Facebook: Fossil Project Page Created by Dr. Lacovara

Website: Created by Thea Boodhoo (Professional web developer who created the website as a volunteer project for Dr. Lacovara):

Rowan’s Website for the Rowan University Fossil Quarry:

Follow Dr. Lacovara on Twitter: @kenlacovara




Third Annual Community Fossil Dig Day Event @ Inversand – September 27, 2014

PICTURES PAGE-3rd Annual Community Fossil Dig Day Event









PRESS LINKS-3rd Annual Community Fossil Dig Day Event:


Link to story


Link to story


Link to story





5-2-14 Photo Gallery – Fossil Event with Westfield Friends School & Homeschooling SJ



4-25-14 Photo Gallery – Fossil Event with Glen Landing Middle School


MANTUA TOWNSHIP OPEN HO– USE EVENT – HIGHLIGHTS THE INVERSAND FOSSIL PARK PROJECT FEBRUARY 19, 2014-Reporter coverage of event from Medill Reports in Chicago:


Second Annual Community Fossil Dig Day Event @ Inversand – September 28, 2013

Drexel University, Mantua Township, and the Inversand Company partnered together to once again open the Inversand site up to the community for a rare Fossil Dig Day Event on Saturday, September 28, 2013. Mantua Township’s Economic Development Team and Drexel University’s Paleontologist Team gathered 100 volunteers to assist from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. to set up, decorate, work and monitor the event stations throughout the day so our 860 guests could have an amazing experience.

We offered 10am/noon/2pm/4pm event time slots for our guests to participate in. We limited crowd size this year so our guests could enjoy more time on site to learn about the science and educational aspect of their fossil adventure.  Within 15 days after the invitation went out all of the event slots were full and a waiting list was created that held 150 guests that we were not able to accommodate for this event. It is a testament to our first community dig day event that was held October 13, 2012 and various dig day site tours since that have everyone spreading the word and coming back in search of more science and educational discoveries at this project site.

Guests that have been on site before and new arrivals started their day with us by driving to the Timberline Shopping Center on Woodbury-Glassboro Road in Mantua Township.  Guests were asked to park their vehicles there and then walk over to our event Welcome Area to check in. Guests were given an event wrist band and then got on the Event Bus.  Our energetic bus drivers brought over our excited fossil lovers to the Inversand site and heard the anticipation and excitement build as they neared the event.

When the bus pulled up the guests immediately departed and started their site tour by viewing numerous fossils on display that were discovered by Drexel University during their fossil excavations held at the Inversand site over the past 13 years.  The coloring station was available for all to enjoy while they waited to start the amazing walk into the ancient past that’s 65 million year old.  Guests walked down the hill in awe of their surroundings.  Dr. Lacovara gathered all in the fossil excavation pit an gave an amazing talk about why this site is globally important and how Mantua Township, Drexel University and the Inversand Company are currently working together to create a World Class Fossil Park with a K to Gray STEM Education Center at this redevelopment project site.

If that knowledge wasn’t enough to knock your fossil socks off guests then got invited to dig for fossils in designated fossil dig stations.  Tons of amazing fossils were discovered that our guests were able to take home!

At the end of their site tour guests were taken by trolley back up to the top tier event exit and allowed an opportunity to walk through what the Fossil Team hopes to renovate as the first ever welcome center and educational building.  This building had on display photographs and architectual drawings that captured the joy from the past fossil events and our initial vision for the future fossil park. Guests were dirty, tired, hungry and happy as the joy of their experience resonated on their faces as they entered the bus to head back home.

A shared desire by all was apparent that we continue our efforts to preserve and protect the scientific resources at this project site for future generations of researchers, educators, students, and citizen scientists.



“I had a GREAT time!!! I would like to volunteer to work on this site.”, Claudia Doran-Bair

“It was a spectacular day and we all had a tremendous time. We enjoyed seeing all the fossils that Drexel had on display.  The Drexel team was friendly, informative & helpful. Thank you for your efforts. You offered us a rare opportunity, and my gang sure did appreciate it.”, Sandra Harris

“The dig was great!”, Jane Lueder

“Thank you for a wonderful experience. During our years as teachers we have been involved in many events both large and small. None were more organized or ran as smoothly as the event on Saturday.  Our friends were so surprised at the immensity in every aspect of the day.”, Terry and Joan Halter

“Saturday ran like a well oiled machine. You surely knew what you were doing and did a super job communicating with all levels of the community. I want to thank you for making it possible for my son, granddaughter and me to participate in such a special event. If I could be of any help I would love to give my time volunteering.”, Billie Kirkpatrick

“The event was very well organized, the site absolutely fascinating, Dr. Lacovara and the staff extremely informative, and I believe all visitors had a tremendous time…my daughter and grandson certainly did. Kudos to the Township, Drexel University, Inversand and all who were involved in putting this incredible event together.”, Bart Rettew

“Thank you for a great, educational experience.” The Monzo Family (this email came with a unique scan of the fossil guide and all the fossils they found that day scanned over it-pretty cool)

“First and foremost, I want to commend you on a wonderful, planned event.  From my vantage point, everything went like clockwork. I know this could not have been accomplished without volunteers as well.  Please reach out to them as well and let them know that their time was truly appreciated.”, Sharon Lawrence

“Thank You!! For all of the hard work to make today’s event happen seemingly without a hitch.  Our family came, learned, dug, had fun, and left.  A truly positive experience across the board.  Well done. Thank you also to professor Lacovara for his initial talk and willingness to answer our questions afterward.”, Georgia Wood

“I wanted to thank you and everyone involved in today’s dig. We had a lot of fun!! Great organization, informative, and you did an excellent job ordering good weather!! All around great day! Hats off to everyone involved from Mantua, to Inversand, to Drexel.”, Karla, Roy and Samuel Langlois

“I just wanted to thank you, we had a great time!! It was so interesting and the neatest thing to have in our own backyard. We all found a little something and my niece found a tiny sharks tooth!”, Cheryl Murphy

“I am lying here recapping a wonderful day, and I wanted to take a quick moment to congratulate you on a fabulously, successful day. Thank you again for allowing us to be a part of this exciting event.”, Pamela, Grant and Paige Cole

“Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone involved in the big dig yesterday. We enjoyed the experience and appreciate the work all the volunteers provided. Dr. Lacovara was very interesting and he and all the event staff were very accessible and knowledgeable.  It was both fun and informative and our grandsons had a wonderful time.  It was a good day for everyone and great PR for Mantua. Thank you.”, John Howard

“Just a quick note to let you know what a wonderful time my family and I had at the dig this weekend.  The hands on experience was great.  The unbelievable part was to return home with the shark vertebrae that my granddaughter, Christina Koenig, found.”, Cathy Koenig

“I wanted to tell you how exciting it was for my son to have found the tooth today.”, Marianne Payne

“We had a wonderful time on Saturday. My friend and her older son came on Saturday with us and he was awe-struck. Thank you again. We had a blast!!”, Diana Mondo




The 150th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Dryptosaurus is here!



2016 is The 150 Anniversary for the Discovery of the Dryptosaurus at Ceres Park in Mantua.  This presentation was coordinated by the Rowan Fossil Park in conjunction with JMT School’s Mr. Falcone, staff and the students in Mantua Township.

Take a look at the dinosaur presentation


Sewell School  – 1st Ever Fossil Assembly Visit – May 3, 2013

K to Gray STEM Education has officially begun – Unique fossil resources that have been discovered from the local Inversand site were on display at the 1st Ever Inversand Fossil School Assembly Event on Friday, May 3, 2013.  This school assembly was held for over 260 students and staff at SewellSchool on McAnally Drive in MantuaTownship. 

DrexelUniversity’s Dr. Kenneth Lacovara-Paleontologist Drexel University, Elena Schroeter, Ph.D. Candidate-Department of Biology, Michelle Bruner-Mantua Township Economic Development Office, Steve Pili-Principal of SewellSchool and Kristin Sullivan-Sewell School Association Representative, joined forces to create an amazing fossil park environment for students and teachers to learn about the local fossil site project that is right here in MantuaTownship.

The morning started as students and teachers were gifted with an amazing power point presentation on fossils by Drexel’s finest.  Their creative and educational program successfully engaged these young students on so many levels.   Hands were raised, excited answering responses were yelled out, giggles and laughter were heard and seen throughout the assembly.  Second and Third Graders were provided an interactive Fossil Discovery Station Worksheet packet during the presentation so they could follow along and achieve a broader, more in depth, way of learning about science and fossils.  The Pre-K through third grade students and staff members were mesmerized by the fossil presentation, but really shocked to see the fossils on display from the Cretaceous Period that are over 65 million years old.  “I really like the assembly about fossils. I can’t wait to come dig for some. I touched old fossil poop, that was so cool.” says Josh Pierson Sewell School 1st Grader.  

Many questions were asked, many smiles were seen and most of all every child in the room was instantly engage in imagining what our history had to offer 65 million years ago.

Not only was “Paleontologist Barbie” on the scene to hang out with Dr. Ken Lacovara, real live Paleontologist from Drexel, but at the end of the program each student received their gifts of knowledge from the Fossil Team in the form of coloring page packets and a Guide to cCommon Inversand Fossils that have been discovered at the local Inversand site. “My daughter (2nd grader) came home and said Mom we learned about dinosaur poop.” comments Becky Crossan 2nd Grade Parent.  It doesn’t get any better than that.


“We would like to thank Sewell School for the opportunity to teach their young students about this fossil project that we are all so passionate about and we look forward to seeing these young explorers at an upcoming fossil dig day event.” stated Dr. Kenneth Lacovara Paleontologist Drexel University.

“I would personally like to thank Dr. Kenneth Lacovara, Elena Schroeter, Michelle Bruner, and Kristin Sullivan for bringing The Inversand Fossil Assembly to Sewell School.  The event was not only a wonderful experience for the children of Sewell School, but a great way for our students to gain a proud sense of the community.  The assembly was educational, engaging and exciting for the students as they learned through play and interactive activities.  We are fortunate to have such a wonderful resource such as Inversand in Sewell’s “backyard.”, states Steve Pili, Principal of Sewell School.    

“I was so impressed with Dr. Ken and Ms. Elaina.  He was able to present such amazing science at a level, that our young students could really get excited about it. Watching our children and our teachers get inspired by what is in our own backyard gave me goosebumps.  We truly have something special here.” states Kristin Sullivan-SSA Representative.