Township Trash

BULK PICK-UP OF TRASH –  View the Township Calendar     2011 Gloucester County Special Waste Collection Dates

Grass/Vegetative Waste Cart Pickup:  March 14, 2011 to October 28, 2011 –  After October 28, 2011 the vegetative waste (i.e. garden debris, grass clippings and thatching debris) can be placed at curbside with your leaves.  Please note that no dirt, mulch, branches & sticks are to be placed along with this type of pick up.

Please do NOT place Propane Tanks in Trash or Recycling Carts!!

They have EXPLODED at the Recycling Center.  Please check the dates and times for the Gloucester County Household Special Waste Collection and dispose of them Properly.  Thank You! 

Problems?  Email the Public Works Department  or call directly at 856-468-1502  

More Information on the Public Works Department.

The Automated Collection System requires the use of a specially designed cart. Regular garbage cans can not be used with this system. You will be issued (1) one new automated (95) ninety-five gallon collection cart. The cart is the only container that may be used for your regular household waste. The cart is designed to handle normal household trash from a six (6) member family that recycles properly.

The cart has been stamped with a serial number and is the property of the Township of Mantua. Should you move from your current location, the cart must remain for the next resident.

Using the Cart.

Before moving the cart, grasp the handle and tilt back slightly towards you.
Push or pull the cart to roll it. Use care when rolling on slopes, inclines and/or steps.

Place your cart out for collection by 5:00 am on the morning of your weekly collection day. Please do not place your cart out before 5:00 pm on the day before collection day and please remove cart within 12 hours of being collected.

Where to place your cart.

Set your cart at the curb or at the edge of the street in front of your house with the handle facing the house. The collector will return the container to the same place when empty. Please do not place your cart in front of mailboxes or other obstructions such as telephone poles, water hydrants, or parked vehicles. The cart will need (4) four feet of clearance all the way around in order to be collected. Also, keep recyclables and other items away from cart.

Cart maintenance and upkeep.

Never put food waste directly into your cart. All trash must be placed into sealed plastic trash bags to reduce odors and insects. Periodically wash out the cart with regular soap and water to reduce odors. Sprinkling ammonia into the can will also reduce odors and pests. Try to store cart in a cool dry place when possible and keep out of sunlight, as the UV rays are detrimental to plastics.

Dispose of medical wastes such as syringes and needles by placing them into a hard plastic container with a screw on lid. With lid properly secure place into cart and not with recyclables.

If your cart needs repair please notify the Streets & Roads Department at 468-1502.

What to put in the Cart.

Your cart is designed for the disposal of normal household trash. All materials shall be placed into sealed plastic bags. Pet owners shall double bag pet wastes and cat litter. Saw dust shall also be bagged and sealed.

What not to put in the cart.

The following items may not be disposed of in the cart: recyclables, hot ashes, ammunition, motor oil, chemicals, grass, leaves, sod, concrete, flammable liquids, hazardous waste, paints, solvents, contractors debris, or dead animals.

For the disposal of any of these items listed above contact the Highway office.

Bulk items.

Bulk items will be collected on your Trash Day the first full week of every month.  Bulky items include but not limited to: doors, windows, carpets, fence, auto parts, brush, furniture, or white goods.

NOTE: Carpeting and brush shall be cut in lengths of (4) feet and tied with string or twine, and not weight more than (50) pounds.

The following items will not be collected by the Highway Dept: hazardous materials and construction and remodeling debris such as plywood, shingles, bricks, stone, insulation, siding, sheet rock, flooring, and carpets if work is done by a contractor.

 If your having a party and will have extra trash, the department is making exceptions for trash.  Since most parties are scheduled, you can either call or email the department and let them know there will be extra trash the weekend after the party.  Please remember to recycle as much as possible. (i.e. plastic ware, please refer to the recycling information) 

Pickup areas are as follows:

Monday: Barnsboro and outlaying area – north to but not including Heritage Road, south to Pitman line including Lambs Road east to Chestnut Run, west to Harrison Township line and to but not including the Bridgeton Pike (Route 45). Voting District 1 and 10 including Weatherby Hills and the Rosewood Development.

Tuesday: Sewell – south of Centre Street and including the Cinderella area west of Railroad, south to Pitman line including Buckingham Village, east to Mantua Creek not Lambs Road. Also, includes the development of Bellmeade and Ravenswood. Voting Districts 3, 5, and 6; note portion of district 3 handled on Wednesday.

Wednesday: Mantua proper, east of Bridgeton Pike, south to Jackson Avenue, east to Wenonah Line (Mantua Creek). Barlow Tract area and Sewell – east of Railroad and south to Centre Street. Voting Districts 2 and part of 3 and 11.

Thursday: Centre City (east side of Bridgeton Pike) south to Harrison Township line including both sides of Heritage Road, Jackson Road and North Main Street, Barnsboro. Voting Districts 7 and 9.

Friday: Mantua Heights, trailer section, Centre City, (west side of Bridgeton Pike) (Route 45) – south to Harrison Township line and portion of Mantua west of Bridgeton Pike (Route 45). Voting Districts 4, 8 and 12. Also Cold Springs, Boody Mill Road and Cohawkin Road.