Recycling Policies

Mantua Township’s Recycling Policies:




 Single Stream Recycling Explanation:

 ALL recycles must be placed in the new blue cart (glass, aluminum, plastic, paper, cardboard, etc.) and will be separated at the recycling center.  This new system of recycling will make it easier for the residents and the Township for collection.  The cost for disposal of the comingled product will be “0” dollars.  We currently pay $74.69/ton for the disposal of trash.  Therefore you can see why it is so important to comply with the New Jersey Recycling Law and recycle! Please do not put vegetative waste in the blue cart.  We will be providing a cart to residents who request one for grass clippings, flowers, etc. in the near future.  Until then please compost your vegetative waste or place in the black trash containers.  On the other side of this notice, you will find a detailed list of recycling products that can be placed in the carts and a list of items that cannot be placed in the cart.All large corrugated cardboard must be cut so it will dump out of the cart.  Please do not crush large cardboard boxes into the cart as they will not dump out into the truck.  Either cut into pieces or call Public Works for large cardboard pick up.If you see the same trucks pick up your trash and recycling and dump into the same truck, please do not be alarmed.  The trucks have two compartments for trash and recycling that are separated down the middle.  This will allow three trucks and three drivers to complete the collection of trash and recycling.  This operation previously required fifteen employees.The more tonnage that we recycle saves us all money and qualifies us for more funding and grants from the State.  Your cooperation and support is needed to make this program a success and we thank you! If you have any questions please contact the Public Works Department at 468-1502. Mantua Township Public Works Department.                                   




Junk Mail  Gift Boxes Telephone Books 
Paper Bags Catalogs/Magazines       Clear Glass Bottles
Computer Paper Envelopes     Brown Glass Bottles
Office Paper  Paper Towel & Toilet Rolls      Green Glass Bottles
Hard & Paperback Books   Plastic Milk Jugs Wine Glass Bottles
Unsoiled Pizza Boxes    Plastic Soda Jugs Liquor Glass Bottles
Newspaper Plastic Laundry Jugs Plastic Water Bottles/Jugs
Cereal Boxes       Plastic Food Bottles Aluminum or Tin Cans
Unwaxed Cardboard  Milk Cartons Juice Boxes
Food Boxes Tissue Boxes  Cardboard Egg Cartons 


What NOT to put in the Recycling Carts

Flammable Liquids       Motor Oil Leaves
Solvents Hazardous Materials     Ammunition
Grass/Yard Debris Concrete Construction Debris  
Ceramics  Hot Ashes/Charcoal Dirt/Sod  
Tires   Dead Animals Shingles
Paints  Antifreeze Light Bulbs